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  1. What documents are required to get through vehicle booking process?

    For individual customer:

    1. Payorder ( made in the name of M/s. Indus Motor Company)
    2. Copy of NIC of Individual
    3. Copy of NTN Certificate

    For Corporate customer:

    1. 1. Purchase order by Purchasing Company along with full advance payment.
    2. Company's NTN
    3. Sales Tax No.
  2. What documents are required for Vehicle Registration Process?

    1. Payment for Vehicle Registration
    2. Copy of NIC
    3. Registration form with customer's signatures (company stamps for corporate buyers)
  3. Does the Dealer itself register the car or the customers can get it done by themselves?

    If customers want the dealership to register the vehicles for them, then the dealer offers this facility & gets the vehicle registered for customers other wise customers can get the vehicle registration done by themselves too.

  4. Insurance company we deal with:

    1. Adamjee insurance
    2. IGI
    3. AIG
    4. TPL Direct Insurance
    5. Pak Kuwait Takaful
  5. If I want to cancel my booking what is the cancellation process

    Customer needs to bring the booking form ( customer copy or green form), Copy of CNIC along with a Cancellation Request Letter mentioning the reason for cancellation along with vehicle Provincial Booking Order Number. Payment will be refund within 15 to 20 days after cancelation.

  6. What is your insurance process of the vehicle?

    1. Photographs of customer
    2. Insurance payment through cheque (preferable)
  7. What is the product warranty of all Corolla and Vigo champ?

    2 Years or 50,000 KM which ever comes first.

  8. Can the vehicle be booked with invalid/expired NIC?

    No, the vehicle booking can not be processed if CNIC is not valid.

  9. I have lost my vehicle's original document what is the procedure to apply for duplicate documents?

    The following documents needs to be submitted in Customer Relations Department of an authorize Toyota Dealership in order to apply for vehicle duplicate documents

    1. Written request for issuance of duplicate documents from the person applying who is the vehicle owner
    2. Copy of CNIC of the applicant (owner of the vehicle)
    3. Copy of Sales Certificate/Sales Invoice
    4. Original FIR
    5. Original lost and found advertisements in both english and urdu newspaper, giving details of the lost papers; vehicle registration number; vehicle engine and chassis numbers and name and telephone number of the person to be contacted.
    6. Copy of Vehicle Registration Book
    7. Ownership details(computerized printout) from the motor registration authority where the vehicle is registered
    8. NOC from FIA/ACLC or other such agency certifying that the vehicle in question is not involved in a criminal activity/case of any kind whatsoever
    9. Incase of unregistered vehicle it must be mentioned in request letter, affidavit & on both newspaper that vehicle is still un registered
    10. Computerized Updated Personal Ledger
    11. Affidavit on Rs.100/= bond paper and duly notarized by an oath commission.

      The text in the affidavit must include the below:

      • Complete details of the person applying along with father/husband's name; CNIC no, address
      • Complete details of the vehicle eg. Make/model/varaint; color. Engine and chassis numbers; registration number.
      • Details of purchase
      • Complete details of the lost sale documents eg. Invoice number; sale certificate no. and serial no.
      • Details of the loss and that FIR has been lodged to the effect
      • Request for a duplicate set of sale documents
      • The vehicle is neither involved nor wanted in a criminal case of any kind
      • The original sale documents which have been reported lost, if found will be returned to indus motor company limited, intact and not used unlawfully in any manner
      • Whatever is stated here in above is true to the best of the (person applying)
      • If the vehicle involved in any criminal activity so we are responsible of it.

Periodic Maintenance

  1. what is Periodic Maintenance?

    Periodic Maintenance (PM) or Scheduled Maintenance is a variety of scheduled maintenance of your car. Specifically, it is scheduled services to be carried out by the customer at any Toyota authorized 3S dealership, to ensure that your vehicle is operating correctly and to therefore avoid any unscheduled breakdown.

  2. What is a coolant & what does it do?

    Coolant is a chemically composed liquid which is anti corrosive & anti freeze by nature to protect engine components from corrosion & provide easy starting during minus temperature range.

  3. What do lubricants do?

    Lubricants keep the rotational components "Friction Free" and overheating. Take care of lubricants change intervals as recommended because lubricants get decomposed during carbon, dust or usage and become ineffective.

  4. What is an Engine Oil Filter?

    It filters the engine oil and removes carbon, dust or metal particles from the Oil.

  5. How does Filter act?

    Filters get choked with carbon, dust & metallic particles. Choked filters can cause fast wearing down of valuable engine parts. Users must follow regular periodic maintenance for replacement of filters.

  6. What happens if engine Oil is not replaced in the vehicle?

    It is strongly recommended that you replace the gasoline engine oil with filter at every 5000 k.m and diesel engine oil at every 2500 k.m and Diesel engine oil filter at every 5000 km. if not replaced on time then it results in the following problems:

    1. Engine Oil gets deteriorated
    2. Poor lubrication
    3. Engine performance gets low
    4. Engine seizure in worse cases
  7. What happens if Engine Oil Filter is not replaced on time in the vehicle?

    Filters get choked with carbon, dust & metallic particles. Choked filters can cause fast wearing down of valuable engine parts. Users must follow regular periodic maintenance for replacement of filters.

  8. What are spark plugs?

    Spark Plug is the source of achieving power from fuel. Weak spark wastes fuel. Spark plugs also get faulty during usage and become ineffective for complete burning of fuel. Get it inspected during Periodic Maintenance.

  9. What happens if Periodic maintenance (PM) is not carried out on timely basis?

    If P.M is not done on timely basis the vehicle gradually looses adjustments; fluids get decomposed and certain materials wear out due to usage such as rubber parts, brake discs and pads, brake shoes, spark plug electrode etc and filters lose their filtration capacity/capability. All these losses do not give an immediate signal to the user, instead they give a cumulative effect after some time on the over all performance depending on the components condition or severity of damage.

  10. Why is the First Free Service important?

    As per policy instructions, Toyota and Daihatsu vehicles delivered to customers must undergo the First Free Inspection at 1000 km. Vehicles are an assembly of thousands of articulated metallic and non-metallic parts. Some are welded, some are fastened together. The gases, liquids and chemicals working inside are performing various duties. During babying period everything gets embedded, adjusted and makes it compatible with moving or stationary partners. This phenomenon is completed within 1000 km. The 1000 km checkup will help the longer life of the "State of the Art" property you have purchased. We therefore, in your best interest, urge you to pay serious attention on our request to bring back your vehicle with the warranty booklet for Free Inspection at Toyota Frontier Motors after the completion of 1000 km.

  11. What damages are caused by counterfeit?

    In Automobiles business fast moving parts and materials can cause premature losses to the expensive assemblies of automobiles. For example if fake engine oil is used, the life of the engine may be reduced up to 50% or more. Similarly if fake oil filter is used, it will not perform its duties. The wrong Spark Plugs too will not produce strong sparks as required and may also fail before its expected life.

  12. What preventive measures should be taken to avoid deterioration and body corrosion in vehicles?

    You must wash your vehicle immediately in the following cases:

    1. After driving near the sea coast
    2. After driving on salted roads
    3. If you see coal tar or tree sap on the paint surface
    4. If you see dead insects or insect or bird droppings on the paint
    5. After driving in an area contaminated with soot, oily smoke, mine dust, iron powder or chemical substances
    6. If the vehicle becomes heavily soiled in dust or mud
    7. If chemicals or liquids such as benzene and gasoline are spilled on the paint surface

    If the paint is chipped or scratched, have it repaired immediately to avoid corrosion of the body.

  13. Is it advisable to use organic substances while cleaning exterior lights?

    Wash carefully!

    1. Do not use organic substances to scrub with a hard brush. This may damage the surfaces of the lights.
    2. Do not apply wax on the surfaces of the lights. Wax may cause damage to the lenses.
  14. Is it advisable to wash electrical components or the engine compartment with water?

    Do not wash the engine compartment with high pressure jet & do not wash electrical components with water; this may cause the malfunctioning of electrical components.

  15. What are the procedures of cleaning and protecting the interior?

    The following procedures will help protect your vehicles interior & keep it in top condition:

    • Protecting the Vehicle Interior

      Remove dirt and dust using a vacuum cleaner. Wipe dirty surfaces with a cloth dampened with lukewarm water

    • Cleaning the leather area:

      1. Remove dirt and dust using a vacuum cleaner
      2. Wipe any excess dirt and dust with a soft cloth dampened with diluted detergent
      3. Use a diluted water solution of approximately 5% neutral wool detergent
      4. Wiping out any excess water from the cloth and thoroughly wipe off all remaining traces of detergent
      5. Wipe the surface with a dry, soft cloth to remove any remaining moisture. Allow the leather to dry in a shaded ventilated area.
    • Synthetic Leather Area

      1. Remove loose dirt using a vacuum cleaner
      2. Apply a mild soap solution to the synthetic leather
      3. Allow the solution to soak in for a few minutes. Remove the dirt and wipe off the solution with a clean, damp cloth.
  16. How should you clean the seatbelts when dirty?

    Clean the seatbelts with a mild soap and lukewarm water using a cloth or sponge. Also check the belts periodically for excessive wear & tear, cuts and frays.

  17. Is it advisable to wash vehicles floor with water?

    Do not wash the vehicle floor with water! Vehicle systems such as the audio system may be damaged if water comes into contact with electrical components under the floor of the vehicle, and may also cause the body to rust.

Spare Parts

  1. What is the use of Injector cleaner?

    Although this new cleaner was developed for "direct gasoline injection D-4 engines", it is also ideal to use with all types of petroleum engine. This new injector cleaner thoroughly removes injector & combustions chamber deposits, improving idling, hesitation and drivability.

  2. What are the benefits of Injector cleaner usage?

    It is effective in improving the following:

    1. Poor starting
    2. Rough Idling
    3. Insufficient power
    4. Poor Fuel Economy
    5. Hesitation
    6. Engine Knocking
    7. Excessive Vibration
    8. Exhaust Emissions
    9. Engine noise
  3. What is a Cabin Air Filter?

    A cabin Air filter is Toyota's new feature that delivers optimum pollution- free ventilation to the vehicle's passenger cabin, to provide a more comfortable breathing environment. The Cabin Air filter is positioned in front of the air conditioning unit in order to filter both outside air and re-circulate the air inside to enhance the air quality and comfort of you cabin.

  4. What are the advantages of a cabin air filter?

    Following are its advantages:

    A more comfortable breathing environment inside the cabin

    1. It captures outside dust and other unwanted particles before they enter the passenger cabin.
    2. It eliminates odors caused by the air conditioning unit.

    Requires less time and cost to maintain

    1. Since the cabin air filter is positioned in front of the air conditioning unit, it eliminates the need for cleaning the air conditioning unit, which saves a large amount of time and money.
    2. Only replacement of the cabin air filter is necessary and this can be performed quickly and at a low cost.
  5. Is a cabin air filter necessary?

    Inside your vehicle, even the slightest bit of dust is very unpleasant. To rid you of this unpleasant dust and odor we are proud to offer the Toyota Genuine Cabin air filter, a perfect fit for your Toyota vehicles. Cabin air filters are currently available for selected Toyota models. For more information please contact your nearest Toyota Dealer.

  6. When should a cabin air filter be replaced?

    Reduces airflow from the air conditioner will be observed when the cabin air filter approaches the end of its lifetime. The windows may also fog up while the air conditioner is in fresh mode. The replacement interval will vary depending on the driving environment and vehicle model. Consult your nearest Toyota dealer if the above signs are noted, and check your vehicles Owner's Manual for details of replacement intervals.

  7. What does Toyota Genuine Spark Plugs do?

    Toyota Genuine Spark Plugs maintain optimum vehicle performances. They are specifically designed to be durable and stable in performances.

  8. How is Toyota Genuine Motor Oil different from other motor oils?

    Toyota Genuine Motor Oil is highly graded motor oil developed specially for Toyota and other high quality engines. It maximizes engine life and performance by providing proper lubrication, higher durability, and minimum deterioration and requires less frequent oil change.

  9. Why should we use Toyota Genuine Motor Oil?

    We recommend TMO to all our customers because it minimizes friction, resistance between components in engine. Minimize noise and vibration generated by engine backlash. Shield against causes of rust and corrosion in engine. TMO washes off carbon and wear of metallic components and keeps the engine in perfect condition.

  10. Why must we use Toyota Genuine Brake Pads?

    Toyota Genuine brake Pads move freely in calipers for smooth and efficient operation and good in fitting Toyota Genuine Brake Pads are specifically designed for ensuring balanced and stable braking in all temperature.

  11. Why must we use Toyota Genuine air filter?

    Toyota Genuine air filters are triple layered, rough inside and fine outside and needle punched which allow them to effectively catch particles of different sizes. Toyota Genuine air filters provide exceptional air filtering efficiency, effecting engine performance and noise-damping capabilities and have a long service life.

  12. How often should we replace air filters?

    If vehicle is driven within the city (normal conditions) the right time to replace the air filter is within 20,000km. And if vehicle is driven in Interior or in deserted areas (severe condition) the right time to replace the Air Filter is 10,000km

  13. When is the right time to replace TMO?

    The right time to replace TMO is after every 5000km.

  14. Up to what mileage the Spark Plugs should be replaced?

    Spark Plugs should be replaced after every 40,000km.

Warranty Issues

  1. What is the warranty period for Corolla?

    The warranty period for Corolla is 50,000 km or 2 years, which ever comes first.

  2. What is the warranty period for Cuore?

    The warranty period for Cuore is 20,000 km or 1 year, which ever comes first.

  3. What is the warranty period for Camry?

    The warranty period for Camry is 50,000 km or 2 years, which ever comes first.

  4. What is the warranty period for Vigo Champ?

    The warranty period for Vigo Champ is 50,000 km or 2 years, which ever comes first.

  5. What is the warranty period for Terrios?

    The warranty period for Terrios is 20,000 km or 1 year, which ever comes first.

  6. What is the warranty period for Avanza?

    The warranty period for Avanza is 50,000 km or 2 years, which ever comes first.

  7. What is the Battery warranty time?

    The original fitted battery is covered for 12 months (1 year) or 20,000km, which ever comes first.

  8. Is the warranty coverage fully transferable?

    The warranty coverage is fully transferable to subsequent vehicle owners.

  9. I may go out of country for vacations. If I want to service my car will the warranty be applicable there?

    This warranty is valid only within the country where the Toyota Dealer is listed on Warranty Registration book.

  10. Will I be charged if I come for any warranty repairs?

    Warranty repairs (parts and labor) are made at no charge to the customer. (CONDITIONS APPLY)

  11. Are scratches covered under warranty?

    Scratches are not covered under warranty.

  12. My car has got corrosion in the rain. Will it be covered under warranty?

    Damage or surface corrosion from the environment such as rain, flood, acid rain, airborne fall-out (chemicals, tree sap, etc) salt, hail, windstorms, lightening, floods, other acts of God and the like, are not covered under warranty.

  13. I have used different fluids & Oil lubes in my car. If damage occurs will it be covered under warranty?

    The use of fluids other than the fluids specified in your Owner's Manual invalids the vehicle warranty.

  14. How many services are free at your Dealership?

    First Free Service at 1,000 K.M /45 days which ever comes first.

  15. Are wear & tear and color fading covered under warranty?

    Normal noise, vibration, wears tear or deterioration such as discoloration, fading, deformation or blur are not covered under warranty.

  16. I took my car to a roadside mechanic and he altered the Odometer reading of my vehicle which was not in my knowledge.

    Altered Mileages make vehicle warranty invalid.

  17. Where should I go for warranty service?

    Any authorized Toyota Dealer in this country will perform warranty service. Toyota recommends that you return to the Dealership from where you bought your vehicle because of their continued and personal interests in you.

  18. What procedure will my vehicle go through before it is delivered to me?

    To assure your satisfaction with the appearance and performance of your new vehicle, your Dealer is responsible to perform specified factory-approved services for cleaning, inspecting and testing of your vehicle. This is done to be sure that your vehicle is delivered to you in top condition after being shipped from the factory. This is called the "Pre Delivery Service".

  19. I want to replace the filters during FFS. Will I be charged for it?

    You are entitled to the free 1000 km (600 miles) Maintenance Service upon presentation of your warranty booklet. This maintenance service shall be performed in accordance with your Owner's manual, at no charge. You will have to bear the cost of parts, labor or any material if required during FFS.

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